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Sparkle N Shine Designz
Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!

Sparkle N Shine Designz creates Customized Bling/Rhinestone Apparel, Table Clothes, Window Decals, and more. We offer a range of items that customers can select from. Bella fitted shirts, Uni-sex Unfitted shirts, Off the Shoulder styles, Sweatshirts Hoodies and Hooded Jackets, Sweat Pants, Tote Bags. Sizes range from Onesies/Toddlers up to Youth and Adults. Customers are more than welcome to provide their own item(s) to have blinged (some materials may not be suitable due to 350 deg heat press temperatures).

Here at Sparkle N Shine Designz, we are commited to providing Top Quality Apparel and more to our customers. Ours designs and transfers are done Inhouse to reduce costs to our customers. All our stones are placed Stone-By-Stone with care and consideration. With this level of detail that goes into each order we are able to eliminate imperfect stones, making each order Shine perfectly. Our customers return time and time again.

Wedding Parties, Birthdays, Holidays, Business Logos, Sports, Western, Personalized Designs and more... Infant, Toddler, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Plus Sizes.

We are currently accepting orders for individuals and group orders. Pricing for items varies with each order. Number of stones, Crystal vs. Color, Type of apparel or item the design is place on, all factor in the pricing. We provide discount pricing on large orders. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

We are currently shipping orders to any state in the United States and Canada. Shipping is via UPS or USPS (customer preference)